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School Bullying: 	Bully Awareness for Administrators, Teachers, and Parents

This course examines the prevalence of bullying in schools. This course is geared toward professional educators, school staff, and parents. Suggestions for reducing the incidences of bullying at sc... (Read more)

Group Dynamics Course

Group performance has a substantial impact on goal accomplishments and employee satisfaction. This course reviews the role of groups within an organization and the various factors that influence th... (Read more)

Generations in the Workplace Course

This course examines the differences between Baby Boomers, Gen Xers and the new Millenials (Gen Y(Why?) in the workplace. The generational influences of each group are examined as well as the cultu... (Read more)

Foundations of Management Course

This course is designed for new managers. A variety of topics are discussed, including management functions, planning and decision making, staffing, motivation, communications, conflict, and disci... (Read more)

Forklift Safety Course

In this eLearning safety course employees learn about the hazards associated with forklift operation and OSHA-required safe work practices for forklift operation. (Read more)

Finance Course

Finance is the art of raising, managing and making money in business. It’s not a synonym for accounting, nor is it interchangeable with banking. This course explores the definition of finance, reco... (Read more)